CEO Ebullience PerfumeIt is with tremendous pride I announce my purchase of the Ebullience Perfume Company from our beloved Myron Hankin. When Myron decided to retire the perfume, I knew then, as I know now, that Ebullience is truly one of America’s crown jewels and must continue its legacy of excellence. My promise is to carry on the Ebullience heritage of uncompromising distinction. It is with a deep commitment to upholding the tradition of quality definitive of Ebullience perfume that I have assumed this labor of love.Ebullience is formulated from the world’s finest and purest ingredients. An elegant and intricate scent, Ebullience is derived from a bouquet of violets defying any possibility for imitations. Today’s perfume market is filled with an array of trendy, short release perfumes evaporating after only few hours. Perfume artisans have named Ebullience a masterpiece. Ebullience delivers notes of violets with a lingering day into evening fresh scent. Truly a silent elegance.

The fragrance we chose for ourselves is an expression of personal style. With a long list of celebrities, first ladies, countesses, and friends as dedicated customers, it is clear Ebullience is for the woman with a heightened sense of sophistication and discerning taste. Within each of these ladies, and those I continue to meet, I have found ebullient and graceful spirits. All of which embody the essence of the ebullient women. It is an honor to consider you clients and friends.

I look forward to speaking with each of you!

Live ebulliently!
Robin Balbo